We offer a highly profitable b2b solution to sales agencies. Collecting travel products from the bed banks on a single platform provides sales agencies with direct advantages in competitive prices, product numbers and quotas. Agencies generally receive net prices from Paximum on a b2b basis. These prices are more reasonable for the b2c final sales web pages and contain up to 40% discounts. Sales agencies can have two different partnership contracts with Paximum. Active TourVisio Operators can get a Paximum agency contract. Other Operators can be a direct Paximum b2b agency or use the distributorship privileges by using the TourVisio system.
Agency can create their own Vouchers for their customer or issue Paximum Vouchers. Customer travel satisfaction is the mission of our quality processes and aims to strengthen the agency-customer relationship.

We are capable to offer the best rates for the special contracted hotels of the suppliers in a different manner.  This allows for more reasonable product offerings and a price difference of up to 40% on the b2c sales channels and highlights products of sales agency with higher profitability.

Özellikle otel konusunda uzmanlaşan Paximum”, kendi b2b’sinde tam aradığım sonuçları hızla çıkararak en uygun fiyatları incelememe olanak tanıyor. Pek çok toptancının fiyatlarını karşılaştırma imkanım var ancak Paximum’dan rezervasyon yaptığımda genelde yüksek kâr marjı uygulayabileceğim otelleri satabiliyorum.”

Orhan Çelebi

Sunway Swiss Reisen

  • 350.000+ Hotels

    Meaning more sales power.

  • Best rates in leisure destinations

    Best rates in leisure destinations and DMC supplier price advantage in resort destinations.

  • Competitive rates and more availability in city hotels

    Competitive rates and more availability in city hotels due to increasing sales power.

  • Scheduled Special Offer e-mailings

    Frequently notifying the special discount products.

  • Fast and smart search results

    Save time, find more options.

  • Mark up addition and customer credit card payment tool

    Price commissioning for final user to pay with credit card feature.

  • Credit account operable

    Credit line to run the business faster.

  • 7/24 Paximum customer support

    Maximum relevance for total convenience.