“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
Henry Ford

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Paximum conveys the travel products of agencies, which are giving local services and bed banks which incoming travel agency give travel product in the Paximum supplier channel to the buyers with different methods. Paximum is experienced in the areas of Tehnology and Tourism. In the scope of technology; a latest technology cloud based structure, a new generation online product supply, real time operating principle, instantly responding to the searches and managing the purchase and sales processes in maximum speed are the main elements. In the scope of business; a team with the knowledge gained in the tourism sector in years have been working on offering the products in the market that gathered from online suppliers and maximizing the revenue processes by conducting the sales channels,.

Paximum as a part of San TSG, efforts to carry out the values a step further. If you have experience in reservation processes of hotel and agency, you might be joining to our Business Team. If you have experience in web development, you might be joining to our IT Team.

We always want to see associates who is proactive and has a vision in our teams.

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