Our multi-channel bed bank project provides an important competitive advantage for the wholesale Tour Operator’s product supply. Tour Operators can use their touristic product range and bundle advantages in their own markets for both, resort destinations and business travel or other travel needs. Tour Operators being experts in package holidays partner with sales agencies and market their own travel products from their b2b systems. We mitigate shortfalls in location offers by providing more product alternatives for destinations other than the focus area of the Tour Operators.
With our real time supply of hotel and touristic products Tour Operators can become the main dealer, authorized to market more than 350,000 hotels. We carry out this by integrating TourVisio systems and Tour Operator can open our inventory to thousands of partner sales agencies over their own systems.

Tour Operators can likewise offer our entire inventory as a b2b embedded XML product to the sales agencies with their own special travel documents. As Tour Operators are directly contracted with the sales agencies, we solely conducts together with the Tour Operator the  payment and product supply processes.

We may grant an authorized dealership to the Tour Operator using TourVisio and carrying out its activities in a selected country.

We directly support Tour Operators for a variety of marketing activities.

“Paximum can offer the entire bed bank and local supplier inventory to more than 60,000 sales agencies in total of more than 50 tour operators which use San TSG- TourVisio Tour Operator system”

  • No Installation fee

    Paximum installation and dealership are free.

  • Authorized reseller & Distribution privileges.

    Market distribution authorization, main dealership privileges.

  • Exclusive trainings and support for Tour Operators

    Free Paximum inventory management training to Tour Operators. Unlimited support.

  • White Label Integrations.

    White label sale page specific to Tour Operators and b2c white label distribution opportunity to sales agencies.

  • Control tools for business preferences.

    Adding sales mark up, commissioning, restrictions and a lot more control mechanism.

  • Private special offer preparations

    Promotion activities special to Tour Operators