Paximum Project

How We Work?

As a Global Travel Products Marketplace, we globally gather travel products such as hotels, flights, transfers and bed banks in a single system. On our B2B sales system we provide buyers in real time with the most reasonable listing alternatives and quotes and prices by. Buyers are typically Tour Operators, digital distribution channels and sales agencies.


Travel products on Paximum can be offered with a b2b net price or with a commission price. Product owners, i.e. hotels, airlines, transfer companies or tour companies, can choose between different pricing methods to achieve the optimum efficiency in line with their marketing activities. Our technological infrastructure and know-how opens the collected inventory, with versatile methods such as b2b business, b2b embedded XML, b2c, b2c white label or iframe.

  • Fast Reliable Infastructure

    Fast, reliable and scalable infrastructure allowing for globally smooth and quick accession.

  • Real Time Inventory

    Real time inventory offering the most available and reasonable prices.

  • Cloud based XML / API / White Label Technology

    Cloud based XML / API / White Label Technology with secure cloud infrastructure

  • Customized Exclusive Offers

    Customized exclusive offers to find daily special rates

  • Market basis price search

    Price queries applied according to the different markets.

  • HolidayCheck Reviews

    Easy hotel selection with HolidayCheck hotel scores

  • Fast & guaranteed payment processes

    The provision and sales payment steps much more easily with San TSG assurance.

  • No Registration or Installation Fee

    There is no installation or registration fee.

  • Competitive rates

    Best conditions from suppliers

  • Last Minute Check / In

    Reservation opportunity for same day check in, last minute opportunities.

As such we have a portfolio and the capability to serve touristic products to more than 60,000 sales agencies by transferring the entire inventory as b2b white label to more than 50 Tour operators.

A fully satisfied customer journey, i.e. from booking to return, is a crucial experience and that is why we are dedicated to supplying the product with the correct information and offering it through the right channel

“San TSG benim uzun yıllardır tercih ettiğim ve güvenle kullandığım Tur Operatörü ve DMC yazılımlarını üretmektedir. Farklı ülkelerde yayında olan b2c web sayfalarımız da yine San TSG tarafından çalıştırılmaktadır.

San TSG’nin Paximum yatak bankası projesi bizler için alternatif ürün konusunda önemli bir avantaj sağlamaktadır. Kendilerini kutlar, projelerini desteklediğimi belirtmek isterim.”


Ayhan Mavisu

Fibula Travel CEO