What We Do?

Paximum sources the travel products from the world's leading hotel suppliers (Bedbank) and the local DMCs to distribute in the sales channels in the best conditions. All touristic products gathered from suppliers retrieved with numerous price categories such as, promotion, conditional discounts, package prices etc. On our B2B sales system we provide buyers in real time with the most reasonable listing alternatives and quotes and prices. Buyers are typically Tour Operators, online ...


Paximum opens all touristic products on our marketplace with XML /API integration methods by sourcing from world's leading bed banks, travel product suppliers and local DMCs. We use a comprehensive technological infrastructure to offer the products to clients in both real time and cache. Destinations, hotels, room types, board types, price categories and several price conditions, attributes may differ in each provider and we can adopt to all variables in Paximum to provide the best conditions. ...

Our Partners

B2B Online Travel Companies that provide travel products as merchant can supply their supply needs directly with their own in-house technologies or some HUBs. Paximum is engaged with almost all technology companies in travel technology industry and has a business partnership with each of them as well as the distributions platforms in German Market classic and dynamically such as Peakwork. Also integrated with the leading HUB platforms like TravelgateX and Juniper.

Our Clients

Tour Operators Our multi sources bed bank project provides a significant competitive advantage for the Tour Operator's product supply. Tour Operators can use their touristic product range and bundle advantages in their own markets for both, resort destinations and business travel or other travel needs. Tour Operators being experts in package holidays partner with sales agencies and market their own travel products through their B2B systems. We mitigate shortfalls in location offers by ...

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