Global Solutions for Suppliers, Tour Operators, Retail agencies


How We Work?

As being a Global Travel Products Marketplace, Paximum collects the products of the travel products providers such as hotels, flights, transfers, called as bed bank on a single system and is an online b2b sales system, listing the most reasonable alternatives to the buyers by comparing the quotes and prices real time in a quick fashion. Buyers are generally Tour Operators, distribution channels and sales agencies.


Paximum opens all touristic products on the Paximum sales channels with XML /API method by working with world leading bed banks, which provide touristic products in different destinations. It uses an important technological infrastructure to provide products special to each bed bank in real time and accurately. Destinations, hotels, room types, pension types, price categories and several price conditions are variable in the bed banks and Paximum has gone some distance to adopt all variables to the system and has applied 100% to provide best conditions. By this way, it has turned into a multiple channel bed bank which has high transferring quality to product health and sales channel.


Paximum multi channel bed bank project provides an important competition advantage for wholesale product supply to the Tour Operators. Tour Operators can use their touristic product range and bundle advantages in their own markets both for resort destinations and business travel or other travel needs. Tour Operators, which are expert on package holidays, become partners with sales agencies and market their own travel products from their b2b systems but since the area on focus is the risk taken and transportation/accommodation packs created, Paximum steps in for them to provide more product alternative for destinations other than focus area of the Tour Operators.


Paximum offers highly profitable b2b to sales agencies. Collecting travel products from the bed banks on a single platform gives advantages directly to the sales agencies with both competitive prices, product numbers and quotas.  Agencies generally have the prices from the Paximum as b2b and net prices. These prices are more reasonable to the b2c final sales web pages and contain up to 40% discounts. The agency can add its profit share on these prices and sell it with a higher profitability.