Our objective is to provide travel products to clients with best prices, maximum inventory and conditions through new generation fast technology.

Paximum sources the travel products from the world’s leading hotel suppliers (Bedbank) and the local DMCs to distribute in the sales channels in the best conditions. All touristic products gathered from suppliers retrieved with numerous price categories such as, promotion, conditional discounts, package prices etc.

On our B2B sales system we provide buyers in real time with the most reasonable listing alternatives and quotes and prices. Buyers are typically Tour Operators, online distribution channels and sales agencies.

Travel products on Paximum can be offered with a B2B net price or with a commission price. Product owners, i.e. hotels, airlines, transfer companies or tour companies can choose between different pricing methods to achieve the optimum efficiency in line with their marketing activities. Our technological infrastructure and know-how offers the collected inventory, with versatile methods such as B2B business, B2B embedded XML-API, B2C, B2Cwhite label or iframe.

Paximum’s sales channels are the most widely used Tour Operators using TourVisio automation system and their sub-sales agents. Due to the integration of Paximum San TSG softwares, it has the portfolio and capability to serve touristic products to a total of 60,000 sales agents by transferring all inventory to B2B whitelabel for 50 Tour Operators.

Like many Wholesalers, Paximum prefers to work with the suppliers who are specialized in this business rather than buying products directly from the product owners. In addition to that, Paximum is awared of the importance of each role in many traditional business connections such as Hotel – Travel Agency – Tour Operator in sales channels and conducts a trade in full with the principles of cooperation.

Paximum has an active role from the procurement to the sale of touristic products. Since the product is a travel product, the service comes to the fore. It is an important mission for the traveler to travel to the end of the journey with 100% satisfaction. For this reason, Paximum delicately cares the supplying process of the travel products with the most precise information and selling in the most accurate way. In this direction, it is necessary to follow up the operation process to ensure the entire business accuracy.