Our objective is to provide travel products to clients with best prices, maximum inventory and conditions through new generation fast technology.

Paximum opens all touristic products on our marketplace with XML /API integration methods by sourcing from world’s leading bed banks, travel product suppliers and local DMCs. We use a comprehensive technological infrastructure to offer the products to clients in both real time and cache. Destinations, hotels, room types, board types, price categories and several price conditions, attributes may differ in each provider and we can adopt to all variables in Paximum to provide the best conditions. Being the main dealership in the bed banks sector we offer the best conditions. Since Paximum is one of the main clients of the suppliers, it can get the best conditions. Thus, it can offer the elements that are needed for sales portfolio with more competitive features.

Sejour user travel agencies which are a San TSG software client can also become supplier to Paximum system. Being a bed bank requires great technological investments, Travel Agents, which are specialized in destinations, can be turned into local bed bank in just a few hours without requiring any additional costs, and they can access all online B2B selling platforms and up to 60,000 sales agents by sharing their hotel products directly with Paximum.